Chris Hodgetts

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Chris Hodgetts – Personal Trainer

From a young age Chris has been involved in various sports, having competed at regional level in kickboxing securing three 3rd place finishes as well as playing for local football teams in Telford. However, 2 years ago he dived fully into a new style of training, power-building, a combination of power lifting and bodybuilding.

After seeing the transformation that training has had on not only his physique but his mindset, Chris enrolled on a PT course with the goal of helping others achieve the same. Even after completing the course Chris has been consistently adding to his knowledge base whether that’s reading the latest studies relating to exercise or experimenting himself to find out what works best for him and others.

Chris takes a science-based approach to training focusing on compound movements to help build strength along with volume based accessory movements to drive hypertrophy. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle or a combination of both, Chris will be able to design a workout plan tailored to you as well as offer nutritional advice to help achieve your goals.

So, whether you’re a man or woman, a beginner or advanced lifter, get in contact and start your transformation today.

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