Will Taylor

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Will Taylor – Personal Trainer

Will first ventured into fitness with his own transformation of lifestlye, diet and exercise. After losing 5 stone in a period of about 8 months his attention turned to gaining muscle and most importantly; strength.

Shortly after this, strength competitions such as powerlifting meets became the focal point of of his training. The style of training put an emphasis on strength, safety and technique which he continues to use as the basis for his training today.

Will then decided to work in the fitness industry and obtained his level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal training qualifications, as well as first aid and learning to teach multiple classes. He is currently studying for a GP referral course allowing him to train people recommended for specific training by their doctor and after this will start a level 4 course in lower back pain and its relation to exercise

Will has trained people of all ages and abilities including everything from helping advanced lifters prepare for a competition to teaching new people at the gym how to make the most of their training and see the results they want to see. Whatever aspect of training you want to improve; Will can show you how.