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Tom Milward

Hi my name is Tom and I have been a PT for over 12 years.

I am a transformation and OPTIMAL RESULTS SPECIALIST and my achievements include:

  • OVER 100 CLIENTS have:
    lost 2 Stones within 3 MONTHS
    lost 7 Stones 6LB / 16” WAIST REDUCTION / 10 months timescale

As a former kung – fu champion,  I was involved in an RTA in 2004 and had to relearn how to walk; during my rehab I also went from 15 STONES to 11 STONES and lost 10 inches off my waist.

I now play and coach wheelchair basketball to a high standard also, with my own coaches furthering my fitness progress.

If you feel like your progress is not as fast as you HOPED , get in touch ASAP, and we can formulate a plan BESPOKE TO YOU for your optimal results.

Specialist areas :

  • Waist reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle build
  • Injury/rehab


T: 07587 301396

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