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Zakk Griffiths

I’m very passionate about health and I’ve spent many tens of hours researching diet, lifestyle and exercise topics to sort misinformation from truth.

Strength training is where I have the most experience, but I respect all forms of fitness endeavour.

I was a casual gym-goer for ten years. I started training in earnest in 2018 and put on 10 kg of muscle with relative ease, whilst staying lean. I attribute this to consistency and moderation.

I believe in and recommend:
Slow and steady progress
Being honest with yourself
Balance in all things
Learning from others’ mistakes (and successes!)
Easy, efficient movement (i.e. good form) in daily life, training and competition, for performance and injury prevention

I can offer you:
Carefully planned exercise prescriptions
Realistic goal setting
Basic lifestyle coaching – sleep, stress, habits
Dietary advice
Data driven health & fitness analysis and progress monitoring
Simple answers – or as much detail as you want

Specialist Areas

  • Strength training
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Weight loss
  • Body fat reduction


  • Level 2 Gym Instruction
  • Level 3 Personal Training

T: 07462 871362


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Important Message Regarding Covid-19

Booking System

We are not operating an online booking system, access will be as normal.

This is because the square footage of The Gym Club and the quantity of equipment is very large compared to the membership base. In accordance with the government guidelines we must be able to maintain safe social distancing. We calculate we can accommodate 50 people on the gym floor maximum. There has never, even on the busiest of days, been that many people on the gym floor, so we do not envisage any issues in having access as normal. The system knows exactly how many people are in the gym so we can easily monitor the situation. If social distancing does become problematic, we do have an automated booking system that we can switch on, that operates through the existing app.

Air Conditioning

The Gym Club’s air conditioning system is designed for purpose. The building is fully airconditioned throughout. The air is HEPA filtered as it is cooled/heated. In addition there is a separate fresh air in and extract air out system in every individual area/room of the gym. So you can be assured that the air is getting regularly replaced with fresh air all the time.

Changes in the Gym

  • To facilitate social distancing, we have reduced the number of cardio machines and equipment available for use. Please be mindful if other members are waiting to use machines and equipment.
  • We will be offering a reduced timetable of Indoor Group Exercise classes.
  • Indoor Group Exercise classes will have restricted numbers to allow for social distancing.
  • One way entry and exit systems are in place, please look for signage.
  • There are increased hand sanitiser stations and cleaning stations, please use regularly.
  • We have introduced Audio notices regarding hand washing, sanitising equipment and social distancing.
  • The gym will close one hour earlier every night, so we can deep clean using Electrostatic Spray Gun.
  • In the changing rooms the locker availability will be restricted to just a few spaced out. Shower facilities will be open if required but social distancing must be observed. If you can, we encourage people to change before coming to the gym and shower at home.
  • The café area has removed to make room for equipment.