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Kev – Personal Trainer

My name’s Kev. I’ve been a Level 3 Personal Trainer since 2018 and I’ve been a keen and competitive sportsman since I can remember. I was a County and Midland Squash player and later a coach, training elite players including the Irish National Junior Teams. I’ve always been a training junkie, loving the process and researching the best way to get the most out of myself and others.

As a PT I’m committed to finding what works for you. I believe everybody should look forward to their training, if you enjoy the process it’s a lot easier to stick to and you are more likely to see results. Whether you want sports specific training, want to build muscle, lose fat, go faster, go further, I’m here to help you realize those goals.

Feel free to ask me about a consultation, and we can work together to find a better you.

T: 07842 471999

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