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Samm Thorpe

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Samm Thorpe – Personal Trainer

I have always been interested in sports and fitness, playing every sport going at school, for local teams up to regional levels. This love of sport lead me into studying Sports Coaching Science to fully understand how training affects the body. I am experienced in different training types, nutrition and how psychology can affect sporting performance and overall health.

After studying the principles of training, I put this into practice as a full-time sports coach and Physical Education teacher. This included motivating those who hated sport to try and take part in some kind of fitness for health benefits and sport specific fitness training for different individuals within teams. The passion for helping people reach their goals motivated me to get into Personal Training and I love every minute! From physically training, to passing on knowledge in a meaningful way to you, relating to your goals, to overcoming barriers which may affect your participation.

I completed my level 3 Personal Training in 2016 and enjoy working with a variety of people, from those who are looking to get into exercise, to improve health, to lose weight or those who are training for a sport. No matter what your target is, feel free to come have a chat with me and see what I can help you to achieve.

T: 07906 102395


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