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Roy Perry

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Roy Perry – Personal Trainer

Roy has had a fitness business now for the last eight years, and been personal training for five of those years and teaching group classes for eight years.

He currently teaches around 30 classes a week throughout the Midlands including Spin, Rpm, Sprint, Metafit, Karate, Advanced Circuit training, Bootcamps, Stretch and most other studio based classes. He has worked alongside the NHS specialising in Obesity, Diabetes, and various forms of rehabilitation. Roy has also worked with the charity MIND using physical fitness for mental health.

Other work includes working with professional sports people mainly golfers as Roy has played golf himself to a high level but he will take on most sportsmen and woman, using sport specific training to increase performance.

Roy has a keen interest in the Martial Arts, mainly Wado Karate where he holds the grade of 3rd Dan. He also has grades in Kick Boxing and has practiced Tai Chi under some of the country’s best instructors.

Roys passion for delivering the best training possible means he is always increasing his fitness knowledge with new qualifications and training courses. Roy offers his clients young and old the best training possible, designed and delivered to meet their own personal needs.

T: 07834 641054


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